Guided Imagery Course for Therapists and Healthcare Professionals

A three-part course to learn the basics of Guided Imagery. This course is suitable for therapists, healthcare professionals, doulas and life coaches.

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1. What is Guided Imagery and what are its unique benefits.
2. Diagnosing when to use Guided Imagery,
3. The "language of tranquility" - use of language, tone of voice and pace.
4. The five steps of Guided Imagery.

1. Pacing and leading - definition, focusing on senses, from external to internal sensations.
2. Using relaxing body techniques in your practice.
3. Active vs. passive body relaxation.
1. Diagnosing the appropriate technique to use with your client.
2. Texts for problem solving and helping clients who feel "stuck"..
3. Future leading.
4. Returning to the present.
5. Review of course and feedback.

Course Description

Session One

Session Two

Session Three