What are Guided Imagery and N.L.P.?

Guided Imagery is a form of relaxation that allows us to make deep changes that we would perhaps not be able to accomplish if we were to use our rational mind only. Being in a relaxed state is rather like the feeling that we have when we are not fully awake. When we are awake, our mind uses beta waves, which are responsible for the logical side of our brain. On the other hand, when we sleep - and when we are relaxed - alpha waves are predominant, the part of our brain responsible for creativity, imagination and more in tune with our inner selves.

N.L.P. can help us to understand the way we react to different situations and to make changes at the very core of ourselves, leading us to a more fruitful, fullfilling life. It is a short term approach which helps us to achieve our goals. ​

​N.L.P stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and combines these three elements to help us create change. "Neuro" -  refers to neurology or how our brain functions; Linguistic refers to language, but also encompasses body language and mannerisms; programming refers to how that neural language functions, i.e our behaviour. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind!


N.L.P has been referred to as the "science of success", since it was originally created by John Grindler and Richard Bandler as a way of understanding how people succeed in their different fields and uses these methods to help others succeed.


Who are the courses meant for?
The course is suitable for Therapists, HealthCare Practitioners, Doulas and Life Coaches,  who would like to incorporate Guided Imagery in their toolbox..
How will Guided Imagery help me in my practice?

Guided Imagery is a useful addition to any therapist or healthcare provider's toolbox, and can help accelerate change in clients. Guided Imagery can reduce stress and anxiety, and help clients tap into a different medium, allowing a deeper connection to emotions, creativitiy and new perspectives.

How long is the Course and what does it include?

The basic course is six hours, generally taking place over three sessions. Details of the course description appear on the "Guided Imagery Course" page.

I would like to have a course in my workplace - Is this possible?
The Guided Imagery Course can be given at your professional workplace, privately, or as part of the syllabus in a more in-depth course. Additionally, courses and workshops can be tailor made to take into account the specific needs of the organization. Please be in touch by email at avivaserenge@gmail.com or call 054-8032427, to discuss further,